Books, Pens & Coffee

You’ll find the weekly suggested book here so that we can read it together.

The best moment of my day is when a lay down with a book with a cup of coffee.


An Accountant & a Brush | Un Contable y un Pincel

This piece is about people trying to have a “normal” life and in search of “what-i-am-good-at” when they already overflow with talent, enlightening their own small world. Esta pieza trata sobre personas que intentan tener una vida “normal” y buscan “soy-muy-bueno-haciendo-esto” cuando ya rebosan de talento, iluminando su propio pequeño mundo. He was nervous, nervous …

Yellow Eyes | Ojos Amarillos.

Sometimes we forget to feel grateful for everything we own and have in our life. Look around you and write down at least three of those things in your life you feel grateful for. Thank you for reading these words. A veces nos olvidamos de sentirnos agradecidos por todo lo que poseemos y tenemos en …

Golden Café Latte

Turmeric is the key to make your latte golden. Turmeric has lots of benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, and is anti-oxidant. However, turmeric isn’t that efficient if it’s not mixed with black pepper. Black pepper activates and enhances all of turmeric’s benefits 100%, so don’t forget to add black pepper the next …


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