A New Book

Every month, I’ll suggest two or three books to read. So, we have almost four whole weeks to finish reading them! If it is a special week or month then the book will be suggested accordingly. For example, horror books in October (Halloween). In this post, I’ll write three sections:

  1. Book Introduction: This is where I’ll let you know the book I am suggesting, and why I am suggesting it that week. I’ll also include more information like the author, first published date, review rate in Good Reads, genre, etc.
  2. Book Back Cover: What does the book back cover say? This will let us know what we are about to read.
  3. Pre-read: I’ll let you know what I think will happen in the book (of course, after reading the back cover) and what will it make me feel according to the genre, description, author. If it is horror then I am sure I’ll have nightmares, yikes!
  4. Review: I’ll leave it empty announcing the review date if we haven’t read it yet!

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know which books we’ll be reading in the next month so that you can have them ready! We are meant to have fun so you can actually choose any other book (with same theme or genre).

You can find the posts here: Books

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